Friday, January 25, 2019

In these extreme frigid temperatures, we recommend temporarily disabling the night set-back feature of your programmable thermostat (unoccupied setting on commercial stats) by using the HOLD button or by raising your night time temperature setting - especially if you have an older under insulated home or basement.

The location of the HOLD button and its features vary among makes and models. Some models, such as the Honeywell Vision Pro, shown here, have options for temporary or permanent hold durations (must be manually reset by pressing Run Program). 

Lower setback temperatures may cause water pipes to freeze if located in a poorly heated space or wall, plus it may be difficult for marginal heating systems to recover from a set back temperature in extreme outdoor conditions. It should be easy to locate your model's manual online - because who keeps a thermostat manual - but feel free to contact us if you're having trouble with any model thermostat or if you would like to upgrade to a Wi-Fi model capable of remote setting and monitoring.

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